Dr Maria Shapoval

Naturopathic Doctor

Detoxification Program for the Mind

7-Day Detoxification Program

The 7-Day Detoxification Program will flush out toxic thoughts, heavy feelings and clear the mind. 

Walking through the sunlight streets of Toronto on this warm spring day I can’t help but notice the discrepancy between my thoughts and the beauty around me. Work drama, the latest radio news, tomorrow’s to do lists, next week’s deadlines…and so on. Does sound like a familiar routine?! Day after day I wake up with the illusion that today or tomorrow I will be able to catch up with all of my loose ends and achieve some form of peace or clarity. Ha-ha! Never happens! 


Mind Detoxification Goal:

So similarly, to the popular desire to follow a detoxification kit and lose a few extra pounds before summer, the hope for this program is to help you clear some of your “less-than-helpful” thought processes. This can also help lessen the intensity of uncomfortable emotions, like anger, guilt and frustration. However, as with any detox, there are possible side effects. You may become more aware of the thoughts and feelings that make you uncomfortable, which will not be enjoyable in the short term. It’s kind of like having diarrhea because of the laxative in the typical detox kit. It’s uncomfortable when its happening – but its part of the processes and will help make you feel better when its done.


15-Minutes Per Day

Time to test your commitment! In order for this to work you will need to commit 15 minutes per day, each day for 7 days. The 15 minutes will need to be broken into three 5 minute sessions. You can do this at any time of the day or night. They will require you to be awake and away from the computer, laptop and smartphone. You will not need pen or paper or any other gadget to complete them. You can pre-schedule them (yes – the phone is ok for that only) or occur at whim. The major contraindication in terms of time is doing this when you eat or when you are operating heavy machinery. This is NOT an attempt to make you meditate!


The Detoxification Activity

Here’s what I’d like you try. For five minutes try to pick up every unwanted thought or feeling that has crossed your mind in the hours prior. This can include thoughts that are bombarding you as you try to do this activity; the filing that needs to be completed, yesterday’s fight at work, the Facebook post that’s troubling you, etc. Do you have a few that you’ve identified already? Excellent! Now take a look at the image on this blog post; the orange sunset and the waters below. Take each thought and feeling, if you’ve collected them too, and toss them into the waters. You can skip them or just chuck them like you’re dumping sand out of a pail. 


Finding Your Image

Of course you don’t need to reuse this image if you don’t want to. You can find or create your own using your imagination. However, be mindful of the image that you select for this detoxification exercise. The image should contain an element of nature that is greater than yourself.

Some Examples:
  • Deep, vast water may appeal to those that love the sea.
  • An abyss at the edge of the cliff may be helpful to those you love fresh air and want of empty space.
  • For the fire people – a campfire would incinerate the thoughts releasing you from their grasp.
  • The Wood element can be represented by the tree – like a  giant sequoia. It is powerful and rooted and wise. Trees can handle your unwanted thoughts and feelings.
  • Rocks can  represent the Earth element. Think of them as magnets attracting the thoughts that you toss out and keeping them glued to the rock’s surface. 


The Ideal

The best case scenario is to access these elements three times per day for five minutes in real life. Of course this isn’t possible for everyone, but the power of the mind is very impressive. You will be surprised by how effective this simple mental exercise will be at detoxifying your mind and improving your well being. Like a true detoxification cleanse, this exercise should be repeated every couple of months or at least every change of season. 




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